One Post A Day

Debashish D. Dev Debashish D. Dev Follow Jan 01, 2022 · 1 min read
One Post A Day
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A Brand New Year! 2022. Hope this year will bring you success. I have chosen to be more active this year than any previous year. I really wanna change myself. Here is a small list I am going to maintain this year.

  1. Keep Track of my expense and earning.
  2. Learning More about Web Development.
  3. Controlling Expenses.
  4. Zero Spending on Unnecessary Gadget.
  5. Leaving any bad habit.
  6. Increasing the number of book I read.
  7. Writing one post Daily.

Hope I can do those. See You Soon!

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Debashish D. Dev
Written by Debashish D. Dev Follow
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